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Welcome to the UHN Learner System to begin your registration at UHN (TGH/TWH/PMH/TRI). You must already be registered at your university or college before completing your registration for your hospital-based placement on UMLearns.

As of this academic year (July ‘20-June ‘21), to register for placements at Sinai Health (Mount Sinai Hospital or Bridgepoint), you are required to use Sinai Health NirvSystem, not UMLearns. Registration on NirvSystem is by invitation only, i.e. to register you must first receive an invitation email from sinai.learner.education@nirvsystem.com which will be sent to you no earlier than three weeks before your rotation start date.
Note: If you have rotations/classes at both UHN and MSH, you will have to register separately using both UMLearns and Sinai Health NirvSystem.

ATTENTION: Please be advised that UMLearns has recently undergone some major changes.

Beginning June 2020, all learners registering at UHN much complete mandatory e-learning modules through UHN MyLearning. IMPORTANT: If you have previously completed modules through UHN MyLearning using a staff username eg. UHN##### or UHNMD#####, please contact Medical Education at MedicalEducation@uhn.ca (for Medical Learners) or Student Centre at studentcentre@uhn.ca (for Health Professions Learners Learners) to complete approval.
Your access will be delayed if all assigned modules are not completed. After submitting your placement, log into MyLearning using your UPN and temporary password – found on the Network Log-in tab of your UMLearns profile. Learners returning to UHN will login using their UPN and their current network password.

The temporary Passwords shown in UMLearns are for use ONLY with the respective IDs displayed in your profile tab. The passwords for any accounts that you have used in the past are not affected.

  • Some learners have more than 1 tID account. Please ONLY use the tID shown in UMLearns. If you have more than 1 tID, please inform your department or program coordinator about all your tIDs.
  • UPN A User Principal Name (UPN) is a user identifier that is tied directly to one's TID and will be used as a login to gain access to the UHN network. Everyone that has a TID also has a UPN. The UPN is not an email address, but may resemble your email if you were provided one by your program/department.

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