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Welcome to the UHN-MSH Learner System. This system allows you to begin your registration at the UHN (TGH/TWH/PMH/TRI) or Mount Sinai Hospital online.
Note: You must be already registered at your university or college before completing your registration for your hospital based placement on UMLearns.

ATTENTION: Please be advised that UMLearns has recently undergone some major changes. The following notice is applicable to you ONLY if you have had a previous EPR ID or tID. If this is the first time you are receiving an EPR ID or tID, please disregard this notice.

  • Some learners have been issued a new EPR ID account. We strongly recommend that you use this new EPR ID
  • If you already have an EPR ID that is different from the one shown in your profile and you wish to continue using it, please email MedicalEducation@uhn.ca. We cannot guarantee that your existing EPR ID can be imported. Importing an existing EPR ID may delay your access
  • No action is required if the EPR ID on your profile is correct.
  • A new TID may appear in your profile upon approval. You can use this new tID, or disregard it if you want to use your existing one. You can continue to use your existing TID until it expires. There is no need to contact MEDICAL EDUCATION.

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